Eyelash extension wandsFor anyone looking to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes; with eyes that stand out; the solution lies in TK’s eyelash extensions. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lashes would be the finely decorated doorways. Eyelash extensions are a relatively new trend that is catching on with ladies of all ages. After all, the eyes themselves do not age. TK’s Lash Extensions are the perfect option for anyone considering fake eyelashes.

As subtle emotions and hopes are reflected in the eyes, they speak the loudest when eyelashes are emphasised. The current methods of using mascara or eyelash curlers for bringing out the beauty of deep set eyes have their limitations. They also need to be applied regularly in order to maintain this enticing look with which you tease the world with.

Now with TK’s Lash Extenions, you have the option to increase the length of your eyelashes up to an incredible 300 per cent. They are very easy to apply and are surprisingly affordable.

For those with allergies to eye makeup, you probably avoid mascaras, you now have the option to get back a gorgeous set of attention grabbing eye lashes. With up to 60 applications per set, TK’s lashes last longer and the eyes appear fuller and more beautiful day and night. Of course, the number of applications depends on how much and how often you apply them.

To put on TK’s lashes, it’s a simple process.

  1. Starting from cleaning the eyelashes and freeing them from any leftover mascara.
  2. Then, apply a generous amount of transplanting gel, top and bottom, on the eyelashes you’d like to start with.
  3. Move the brush and apply them slowly and steadily to spread the gel evenly.
  4. After the gel has set, apply TK’s fibres to your lashes, top to bottom. Coat the lashes completely for setting them firmly in place.
  5. Continue until you are satisfied with the length and volume on the first eye.
  6. Now, start with the other eye. Unlike mascara, do one eye at a time, as the transplanting gel sets quickly.
  7. When you want to remove the extensions, simply wipe them off gently using a flannel and some warm water.


Swimming with your eyelash extensions is not recommended as they tend to loosen up and come off in water. And if the fibres are found to be falling on your face, apply more transplanting gel and seal them properly in the application stage.

You can use TK’s Lashes along with contact lenses. Just make sure that the fibres are tightly fixed with enough gel to prevent it from falling and causing irritations.

You can get your TK’s Lashes along with Brow Extenders and Brow Rejuvenators here.

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