The Basics of Using Bobby Pins

The basics of using a bobby pin#1 Use the Right Bobby Pins

This is a trial and error process, you need to choose what works for you. Some are flimsy and very thin, which may work for thin hair but not for thick hair. So you really need to look for the right one for you.

#2 The Right Texture

Is your hair the right texture for bobby pinning? If your hair is silky soft and smooth, the bobby pins may not cling on to your hair.

What you can do though is use dry shampoo or hairspray to make the texture of your hair more coarse for the bobby pin to cling to. If you don’t like product in your hair, another trick is to hold a handful of pins and spray them with dry shampoo. That way the product is on the bobby pin and not directly on your hair.

Teasing your hair is also another trick for a good hold using your bobby pins.

#3 Proper Sectioning

The perfect amount of hair depends on the thickness of your hair. Proper hair sectioning depends on the persons hair type. If it’s too small or too thick, the bobby pins may not be able to do their job.

If you have thick hair, you probably need small sections; that will be perfect for the bobby pins to hold on to. On the other hand, if you have thin hair then you may need medium to large sections of hair that the bobby pins can hold in place.

Criss Crossing Your Bobby Pins

Interlocking your bobby pins (Criss Crossing) can provide more hold for your hair.

#1 pinning your hair back

By doing this trick, you can move your hair away from the face and have it pinned at the back.

You can do this by interlocking two bobby pins and creating an “X” – use two bobby pins and clip it in the same area but on opposite ends, interlocking in the middle and creating an “X”. One goes in one way, the other comes in from the other side, upside down.

#2 hiding criss crossed pins

When you don’t want anyone to see the pins criss crossing over another, you can do that by hiding it under a braid or twists.

Instead of pushing it over the hair, you push the bobby pins under the hair. Criss cross, creating an “X” and it will hold the braid or twists but you can’t see the bobby pins.

#3 how to criss cross when you’re pinning a lot of hair

Two bobby pins will not work if you’re doing a hairstyle that will use a lot of hair. If you’re doing an up-do or a bun, you’ll need more criss crossing sections that will hold the bun in place.

You may do it where the pins are visible, but for a more clean look – you may choose to hide the criss crossed bobby pins. If you feel that the areas where the bobby pins are still loose, you can add more pins to intersect with your “X” sections to keep a firm hold.

You can see all of this in action by watching this video:


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