How to Blow Dry Your Hair Without the Frizz!

Blow dry hair straightAchieving a great blow dry that will last for days is an art in and of itself, to be able to do this, it requires you to master a few tricks. You will be guaranteed that once you master these tricks, you will be able to get that perfect salon look without spending bucket loads of money to do so. You’ll also avoid creating frizz and have amazing, shiny hair at the end.

So what is the secret behind a great blow dry? Well, my tips below explain how you can achieve THE perfect blow dry from the comfort of your own home! Simply follow along and your hair will look amazing in just a few simple steps!

Get the right tools

Get a quality hair dryer with different heat and air settings that can be adjusted according to your requirements. You’ll need a nozzle attachment, as this ensures that you achieve a smooth look without frying your hair. You will also need a round brush and some bobby pins or clips that you can use to keep the dried hair away from the wet hair.

Use the right products

We are talking about moisture and gloss products here. Check out my products page for what I recommend using. Use some hair mousse for that extra thickness by applying it to wet hair. You should also use some hair moisturiser if you have dry or damaged hair before and after you style your hair. Hair spray will work to lift your hair and ensure that glossy, perfect salon finish.

Blow drying your hair the right way

Blow drying your hair is more than just getting the perfect blow dryer or buying quality hair products. Doing the blow dry right will ensure that you end up with a head of evenly dried hair that is bouncy and glossy and will stay in place for a longer time.

Here is an easy three step guide to getting your blow dry right, first time round!

  1. Blow dry hair flatPre-dry your hair – This should be done right after you get out of the shower – towel dry your wet hair by blotting it, don’t rub the hair between the towel – it’s a great way to fast track split ends! Using Your blow dryer, set on high air speed and a medium heat. Blow dry the hair until most of the water is gone. Start from the top of your head and work your way down to the ends, always moving the dryer.
  2. Gather your hair and clip it to keep it off your face. Take one small section at a time, starting with the lower areas of your hair and continue drying your hair using a brush working your way to the top of your head. Remember to adjust the heat and use more heat during this process. In order to smooth the hair and leave it shiny, point the dryer nozzle downwards and only dry hair that is being pulled through with your brush.
  3. Once the hair is 1/3 dry, finish off by concentrating on the hair ends so you can shape them and ensure a smooth finish. Alternate the brush from under the hair to on top of the hair, pointing the dryer at the ends to curl around the brush in opposite directions.

Your hair should by now be fully dry. Style as desired, using a light serum to remove fly away hair and hairspray (just a light spray) to keep the style in place throughout the day.

The video below will take you through the process as well – for those that need to ‘see’ before trying 🙂

Image Credit: Real Simple

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