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Great Lengths Hair Extensions Moisture Shampoo





DAILY MOISTURE SHAMPOO is perfect for all hair types. It adds moisture to slightly dry tips and balances your scalp while protecting against environmental damage and premature aging. It also repairs damage to your outer cuticles, making it silky and manageable while increasing volume and providing maximum static-free shine.

Contains active ingredients:

  • GSP-T is a patented active ingredient that contains high concentrations of potent antioxidants extracted from Swiss “Pinot Noir” grape seeds for lasting cell protection. 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C, GSP-T protects your hair against daily environmental stress, prevents dehydration, locks in hair colour and prevents fading, and restores softness and natural radiance.
  • AQUARICH contains Black Oats extract and plant-based Lecithin for high water retention, strengthening and hair smoothing properties. It forms a moisture barrier that protects your hair from dehydration, smooths its surface structure and dramatically reduces tangles.

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