You will be surprised about all the problems that pop up for the unprepared person, when it comes to taking care of those beautiful hair extensions that your stylist spent 3 hours putting in. There are measures you must take when you have just spent time and money to have these beautiful extensions put in, as well as some things you should not.


STOP!!! Put the brush down. Depending on the kind of hair extensions you get, you will not be able to brush them with a regular brush without loosening them and destroying your stylist’s hard work. You need to be careful with your new hair and the longer you have them, the more matted and tangled they will become.


Make sure to pick up an extension brush. This specialised brush will help you to avoid looking like a mad scientist. If you chose ‘Great Lengths’ hair extensions at Sydney Hair Extensions then you are encouraged to brush them daily to avoid matting. This is one of the secrets that allow you to get 4 to 6 months use out of them. It is even possible to blow dry and straighten them.



Don’t jump in the shower just yet. Your new hair does not have the ability to produce oil to protect it from the environment and will go downhill quickly if you wash it straight away. Let’s face it, your hair extensions wont last if you jump in the shower before, at least, 48 hours have passed since you had them put in, and when you finally do please don’t scrub.


Limit yourself washing your hair to once every 2 days or more and make sure to use high quality shampoo and conditioner to give your extensions as long a life as possible. They must be sulphate free. After your shower, style your extensions with thermal heat protectant solution to prevent your hair from getting scorched by the sun.



For those of you who like to swim, feel free to continue doing so but we recommend that you wet your hair with tap water before going into the beach water or into a pool. The golden rule is to shampoo your hair straight after swimming. Don’t let your hair come in contact with salt or chlorinated water. The harsh chemicals will make short work of your beautiful new locks.


Finally, when it is time for bed you must braid your hair or put it in a high ponytail so it doesn’t tangle or matt. However, if you opted for the ‘Great Lengths’ from Sydney Hair Extensions then it won’t be the end of world if you do get a few tangles or matts.  With the unique characteristics you find in ‘Great Lengths’ you can brush, style, and make your extensions look amazing with a lot less work.

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