A Vitamin Packed Diet Can Lead to Fuller, Shinier Hair

Long, shiny hairEveryone knows that a healthy diet can lead to a fit and toned body. Healthy foods can also lead to shinny, beautiful hair. Your hair is just like your body in that it needs essential nutrients and vitamins to maintain its shape and shine.

Foods packed with protein are essential to healthy, full, lustrous hair. Hair is 97% protein, so the body needs lots of protein to replace the hair you shed. A protein deficiency could lead to excess hair loss or growth of dry, brittle hair strands. In addition to protein, healthy hair requires other nutrients like vitamins C, D, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and more.

With that being said, there are some great foods that can help you achieve healthier hair quickly. Indulge in these five essential foods regularly and you’ll find yourself with glossy locks in no time!


This tasty cold water fish has long been known for improving heart health, but it can also provide your hair with a protein boost. This fish is rich in protein and vitamin D, both of which build strong hair follicles.

However, salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids are the key nutrients that your hair will love. Your body needs fatty acids to grow hair and, unfortunately, the human body doesn’t produce those acids on its own. A diet that includes a high count of good fatty acids can increase hair growth and prevent future hair loss. Salmon is one of the best sources for omega-3 fatty acids.


Like salmon, walnuts are also rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, walnuts also have a few other important nutrients, including vitamin E, biotin, and copper that are also great for your hair. Vitamin E protects your hair from sun damage, which is especially important if you live in an area, like Australia, where the sun is fierce during summer. Biotin helps to prevent hair loss. Copper helps maintain your natural hair colour and keeps it looking rich. If you don’t enjoy eating whole walnuts, a good alternative is walnut oil. You can mix the oil into salad dressings or use it as a cooking oil as well.


Oysters are another great source of protein. They also contain zinc, which is an important nutrient to help prevent hair loss. A zinc deficient diet can lead to excessive hair shedding and even the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. While some cereals and breads contain zinc, oysters can give your body a major zinc boost. Just three ounces of oysters contains 90% of your recommended daily value of zinc.


This leafy vegetable contains an assortment of nutrients that strengthen hair follicles and keep scalp oils circulating. Spinach contains vitamin C, foliate, carotene and iron. A lack of vitamin C in your diet can lead to broken and split ends. Other leafy vegetables, like kale and broccoli, are good alternatives to spinach as well.


Blueberries are a common part of any healthy diet, particularly because of their high vitamin C content. Blueberries are a vitamin C super fruit and can greatly improve blood flow circulation to hair follicles, which can lead to the growth of healthier and stronger strands. Blueberries contain more vitamin C than an orange, so make sure you opt for these in your diet rather than oranges if you lack in vitamin C.

As beneficial as these foods are to healthy hair, they don’t work overnight. A healthy-hair diet takes time and consistency. A healthy diet also can’t make up for other activities, like lack of sleep, smoking, or poor hair care, which will leave your hair lacking luster and vibrancy.

However, if you do take care of your hair, then incorporating these foods into your diet on a regular basis can give your hair an added boost and keep it looking full, radiant, and beautiful all year round.

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