Start the Year Right by Observing Some Hair Care Resolutions for the Year 2014

Hair Care 2014

It’s true that we all want to have beautiful, long and healthy hair. This, however, requires some work and some changes in the way we treat our hair and our bodies in general. There is no better time to do this than at the beginning of the year.

If you are tired of having bad hair and looking forward to a healthy mane all year round, the following changes will ensure that you achieve your goal and look stunning all throughout 2014.

1. Don’t be afraid of change

If you have been postponing changing your hairstyle for ages, this is the time to make that much needed change. As the saying goes, change is as good as a rest and changing your hairstyle will allow you to explore new trends and update your look immediately. Be careful and only choose styles that are suited to your face shape and allow your hair to grow and look healthy during the year.

2. Avoid hair damage at all costs

Most of us suffer from severe hair damage and this is brought about by a number of factors. The number one cause of hair damage is heat, which most of us experience with frequent blow drying and hair straightening.

Reduce the number of times you blow dry your hair or straighten it, and use the right products when you blow dry to ensure that your hair doesn’t become weak. Don’t use too much product on your hair and make sure you choose and read labels before purchasing hair products.

Let your hair have rest days too, free from any hair products and just go au naturel. Trying to avoid hair damage is still the best way to care for your had and it will also save you money from treatments.

As the cliche goes, prevention is better than cure. Remember, your hair is your crowning glory – take care of it!

3. Splurge a little on professional care

Getting your hair professionally styled can be a bit expensive but the results are often amazing and we all need some pampering every now and then. A stylist will fix any split ends you might have (if any) and give your hair the tender loving care it needs. Schedule at least one visit to your hair stylist every few months.

4. Plan ahead for those “bad hair days”

Our hair will misbehave once in a while and this is where a backup plans comes in handy. Whether it’s a stylish hairpiece or an easy, yet elegant  hairstyle, have a style that you can always use every time your hair gets a mind of its own and refuses to follow your styling regime!

5. Have a blast with your hair

Aim to change your style more often this year to get the best out of it. By having fun styling, you will discover what works for you and ensures that your mane is healthy and you look stylish all year round. Enjoy it and have fun.

Image Credit: Latest Hairstyles

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