Still searching for that perfect hair accessory to adorn your beautiful locks? Here are some great summer accessory trends that will go just right with your summer outfits. These are stylish hair accessories for increasingly longer and hotter days. Although we can’t change the seasons, we can maintain our pretty locks while enjoying the weather with some lively and unique looks.

Stay stylish with these chic and fashionable hair accessories we have compiled for you. They’re fashion statements that put a twist on summer and are in sync with the latest trends. You can’t possibly be caught with the wrong accessory, especially one that sits right on top of your head. So, say goodbye to those Russian hats and beanies for lighter fare this summer.


How to rock the retro lookHairdressers this year are looking to the 60s as their main source of inspiration. They are paying tributes to vintage, ultra backcombed hairstyles with matching accessories. Roll up a scarf length ways and tie it around your head towards the top or the side. Bow headbands make a stylish statement with a preppy look. Also included in the retro inspiration are fascinators or mini hats.

Mini hats have quite a lot of historical importance, having been originally worn by women of high society. They evolved from bulkier hats and were decorated with feathers and veils. A mini hat is best worn for a special occasion like a marriage or, of course, a day at the races. Wear a complex one with lots of flavors if you have ultra straight hair.

Curl your hair with large-barrelled curling tongs and fix the mini hat slightly towards the side for the big event. To give it more prominence, wear the mini hat on a ponytail or chignon up-do. Fix the hat towards the back of your neck or on the side of your head. You can also go for a black, veiled hat for that retro look. Or wear a jeweled mini hat to signify sophistication.

Neo Futuristic

Though scorned in life’s other occasions, plastic seems to be the whole new rage in accessories. You can find plastic handbags, shoes, hair accessories and headbands. Plastic and Plexiglass have become common components of accessories from major fashion brands like Fendi and Donna Karan. The perfect matches for these futuristic accessories are up-dos such as chignons and French twists.


Wearing your hair this summer to reflect nature and passionPassion and nature have merged this summer with hair accessories like floral crowns and flower headbands. There are all sorts of flowery decorations like flower hair clips and flower pins that can be nestled deep in your locks. The bohemian and romantic trend is hot this season. Let the wind find its way through your wavy hair created by wide-barrelled curling tongs.

Go for a jeweled headband with loose, tousled hair for a chic style. To get this effect, apply mousse to rinsed, wet hair which is left to dry naturally. Place the headband in a horizontal style across the hairline.

Hair accessories won’t matter much if your hair is dry and damaged. With summers getting hotter by the year, take good care of your hair through products like O&M’s Seven Day Miracle Mask. The Miracle Mask claims to transform flat and damaged into a stunning tuft of divinity. Other recommended hair care products include O&M’s Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner, O&M’s Frizzy Logic Serum and Great Lengths Cushion Brushes, among others. Instead of going for just any hair care product, be sure to match it with your hair type and its current condition for the best results.

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