Before You Buy Clip-In Hair Extensions – Read This!

CLIP IN STRAIGHTIf you’re like most women, you’ve probably got a few clip-in hair extensions that you use any time you want to transform a boring hairstyle to a glamorous one or when you want to add some bright colour to your hair. The truth is,  clip-in hair extensions are a great invention and the fact that they are user friendly is a plus. On the downside however, clip-in extensions can do more harm than good to your hair, if not used properly, not to mention those embarrassing moments when running your fingers through your hair leaves you with a bunch of fake hair in your hands!

Some of the disadvantages of using clip-in hair extensions include:

  1. Clip-in extensions add extra weight to your head. If these do not cause a headache, you can be sure that your hair is feeling all the strain thanks to the extra weight created by the clip, which can lead to damaged hair strands, and in worst cases, leaving you with bald spots from the clips pulling hair out. The strain might also lead to split ends, resulting in weak, damaged hair.
  2. Clip-in extensions are not suitable for certain occasions, say if you are going swimming. Save yourself the embarrassment of seeing your hair floating in the pool or your clip-in’s clearly showing through your wet hair – avoid this at all costs!
  3. You have to take your clip-in hair extensions out before bed, otherwise you won’t sleep and you run the risk of damaging your hair during the night from the pull from the clip-in’s. This means that you have to remove your clip-in extensions wherever you spend the night… Try explaining that one to a guy 🙂
  4. Most clip-in hair extensions do not look natural (sometimes that’s the point though!), either in terms of texture or colour. Getting clip-in extensions to match your hair colour can be an difficult task and if you are lucky to find one, it will most likely be in a texture that will be completely different from your own hair texture. This means that you might get the volume and length of hair that you desire but anyone within a mile will be able to tell that your mane is not natural.

If you have to use clip-in hair extensions, ensure that you only use them occasionally, say during weekends or when going to a party. Make sure that your hair is well moisturised before you can add your extensions and remember to take them off before you get to bed to protect your hair against breakage.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, with beautiful locks and thicker hair, get in touch with me today! I’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation, just call me on 0448 844 431 today!


Image Credit: I and K Hair

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