Get Your Own Katniss Braid Hairstyle

Recreate your own Kitniss inspired braidThis is for the Hunger Games fans! Anyone that has seen the Hunger Games movie will know that Katniss wore a number of different hairstyles. I get asked a lot how to recreate the braid that Katness wore during the Arena scene so thought I’d also share it with you here!

It is relatively easy. The ‘Katniss’ Braid is actually a Dutch braid, or a reverse French braid if that makes more sense to you. So instead of pulling the hair up and over, you are going to pull the hair down and under… Easy right? No? As with any hairstyle, it is always so much easier to figure out how to do by seeing how it’s done!

The video below shows the exact steps on how you can do this to your own hair or to someone else.

Here are the actual steps to follow along with:

  1. This hairstyle is best done on clean hair, so make sure you have washed it first. You might find it easier to leave the hair damp, especially if you have thick or curly hair.
  2. Starting on one side of the head, grab a section of hair.
  3. Split the hair into three parts, just like you would when starting any braid.
  4. With the right piece of hair, pull it under the middle piece of hair (see video).
  5. Taking the left piece of hair, pull it under the original right piece of hair (see video).
  6. You have now started your Dutch braid.
  7. Now you want to start adding hair to the braid like you would a French braid but in the reverse.
  8. Taking the original middle piece of hair, grab some hair from the right or left of your head (depending on which side you started the braid on) and add it to this piece of hair.
  9. Pull this new amount of hair under the original left piece of hair.
  10. Continue doing this until there is no hair left to grab and then finish the braid off by plaiting the rest of the hair.
  11. Secure with a hair tie.

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