Easy fishtail braidBraids (or plaits) are both practical and easy to create and that probably explains why they never go out of fashion. Fishtail braids top the list when it comes to stylish braids that can be used for different occasions, they are very ‘on trend’ right now, with many celebrities wearing them at red carpet events.

There are different ways of styling a fishtail braid, meaning that you can wear one every day and still have a different look. The secret however, lies in making a perfect braid for the occasion you’re attending, whether you want your hair looking good after hours in the summer heat or want a more sophisticated French fishtail up-do for your Christmas party, the choice is yours.

Make the perfect fishtail braid by following these five easy steps:

Step 1:

Comb your hair to the back or to the side depending on the final look you want to achieve. You can either use a comb for a more polished look or just run your fingers through your hair for a more laid back and fun style. Use an elastic band to secure your hair if you are making a side braid. This will keep your hair out of your face, making it easier for you to start braiding.

Step 2:

Divide your hair into two large sections. Part your hair down the middle of your head if making a back braid. For a side braid, just divide the hair into two equal parts.

Step 3:

Take a small portion of your hair from one side, say the left side. Pass the thin strand OVER the left section and into the right section of the hair. Take another thin strand, this time from the right side and pass it OVER the right side and into the left side. Join each thin section you take back into the main section of the side, so if you take a thin section from the left side, it would join the main section of the right side and vice versa. Always take the section of hair from the OUTSIDE of the sectioned hair.

Step 4:

Keep on alternating the sides and repeating this process until you get to the end of the hair. You can opt to consistently use the same size of thin strand or make the strands smaller as you go along for a tighter and more detailed braid.

Step 5:

Put an elastic band at the end to hold the braid in place. Your fishtail braid is now complete and ready for styling.

Style the braid as desired. You can pin the braid to make a bun or use some pins to pin up the hair in different styles. You can also leave the braid as it is or just add a ribbon or band to incorporate some colour.

Whatever your decision, you can be guaranteed that your braid will keep your hair in place and have you looking amazing all day.

The video below will provide a visual aid as well!

Image credit: Ultimate Image Salon

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