Every year, hundreds of thousands of women around the world get hair extensions. This can range from do it yourself; the women who chooses to bring a friend over to glue in their extensions, to those who head to their local salon to have them professionally done. Before you decide which option to choose, you might want to take these few things into account:


  1. Where is your new hair sourced from?

I know this seems like a weird question, but have you ever stopped to consider that your potential new style accessory was in fact real hair? So, where is the real hair that is being added to your current doo, coming from?

If you are picking extensions from China (sometimes labeled as Malaysian or Brazilian) then most likely you are getting hair that has been shed and collected at hair salons. It might be tempting to buy the cheaper stuff from china, but the fallen hair is not going to give you the quality look you are going for and will matt quickly.

At Sydney Hair Extensions, they only use responsibly sourced hair from temples in India. Pilgrims travel to these temples in order to show their devotion to the residing deity. The barbers remove the healthy beautiful hair and package it for auction. The proceeds of these auctions go directly back to the temples.


  1. How long will it last?

After you have decided to get extensions and made sure that you are getting them from a reliable source, you will want to choose a method that keeps you looking beautiful for the longest time possible.

High quality extensions like the “Great Length” hair extensions at Sydney Hair Salon can last for up to 6 months, while allowing you to swim and do everything else you normally would. The lower quality salon extensions can last close to the same time, but you will have to go back in and have them tightened and adjusted every 3-6 weeks.  The other disadvantage with these is you will have to strictly follow the dos and don’ts for hair extensions otherwise, they wont last as long as you want them too. Glue in extensions will last for 3 months maximum, and again you are going to have to follow the special maintenance tips to the letter.


  1. Do you like the stylist?

Your stylist is going to be with you for the entirety of this process. They will help to make sure you have the best extension experience you can possibly have. If you opt for the lower quality salon extensions, they will be helping you every 3-6 weeks to maintain your new look. Make sure that you hit it off with your hair’s new best friend so that they can do the best job possible for you.

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