How to use Bobby Pins in your hairThis is a follow on from Bobby Pinning 101 – make sure you have got this covered first before following these tips!

How to Create a Supporting Base for your Bobby Pins

To create a BASE, you need a couple of bobby pins to create an area where the hair is all in place.

You do that by adding another pin and intersecting at the end instead of the middle, so it’s creating a trail of hair that are in place. You can cover this trail with a braid or twists and do a criss cross to hold the braid/twists to the base you created.

Hiding Bobby Pins

Get a bobby pin and position it in a 45 degree angle in the hair and push through the hair (not on top of the hair).

If you don’t want to show bumps on your hair, just position the bobby pins where the smooth part is on the one top and the ridged side is the one facing the scalp. You can hide the bobby pins this way in any hairstyle you choose to do.

Pinning Curls Against Your Head

Tie your hair back in a ponytail. Take a section of your hair and wrap around your fingers like a roll and you’ll create a loop. Criss cross your bobby pins on the inner part of the loop that touches the scalp. Keep on criss crossing until the hair is all in place. Repeat – this is a great way to create some cute, soft curls and if you add some texture spray first, the curls will stay in longer. Leave for 1-2 hours!

Fixing Woopsies in your Hairstyle

If you’re working on a particular hairstyle and there are some loose ends that are not really holding up, you can still fix it with your bobby pins. Run your fingers through the hair and comb it and pin the back end where it meets the hair style with other bobby pins. You can hide it by applying the steps on how to hide your bobby pins above.

Pinning Buns for Thick Hair

When you are pinning for thick hair, you just need more bobby pins and you can apply the idea of sectioning the hair and pinning as you go.

Unlike thin hair wherein you can just pin in certain areas and it will hold up, pinning thick hair may need more support, that’s why we need to pin the hair in sections for more support and a secure hairstyle.

Fixing Fly Away in buns or braids

Take the fly away, put it through your bobby pin and push it through the bun or braid and the fly away and the bobby pin is gone!

For all the details, watch the video!

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