Even though winter is here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still rock a beach-inspired hairstyle! Styling your hair for winter doesn’t mean you can’t steal looks from the warmer months.

There are a few ways that you can achieve beach waves during winter, which I’m going to explain below.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Curling wand and/or hair straightener
  • Beach spray or mousse
  • Heat protecting spray
  • Finishing hairspray
  • Long tail comb
  • Hairbrush

Step By Step Beach Hair

Follow the steps below to get a great beach wave look!

beach curls wand

Image: Examiner.com

Curling Wand Steps

  1. Prep your hair first. This look works best on two-day-old hair. Use a beach spray or mousse to give your hair some texture. You should also apply a heat protectant spray, particularly if you’ve just washed your hair.
  2. Using your long tail comb, section the hair, parting from ear to ear. Then split the parting into two, so you end up with four sections, two on each side.
  3. Take your curling wand and start on the right side of your head, working the way around. Use large vertical sections and curl hair from mid-lengths down, aiming for a 6-8 second hold. To get the best curls, your arm should be above your head so that you have a completely vertical wand.
  4. When you get to the top of your head, change the direction of the curling wand to horizontal.
  5. Repeat until all your hair is curled. Leave them to cool completely.
  6. Once your hair is cooled, run your fingers through to separate the curls and then spray with a light finishing hairspray.
  7. Shake the hair out and style how you want.



Hair Straightener Steps

  1. Prep hair as per step one above.
  2. Section hair into four parts, two on each side. Twist each section individually, and then twist them together. Secure with a hair tie.
  3. Starting on the right hand side, grab the joined twist and run your straightener over it a few times.Beach waves with hair straightener
  4. Don’t release the twist until it is completely cooled. Repeat until all twists are done.
  5. Once the twists have completely cooled, undo them.
  6. Run your fingers through your hair and use a finishing hairspray to set.


Both these options will produce beach curls, but will provide slightly different looks.

You can see more on how to do these both via these videos below.

Curling Wand

Hair Straightener


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