Quick Hairstyles in Under 5 Minutes

Pin back your fringe - quick hairstyleIf you’re in a rush, which is most of us ladies, most days, having a couple of different 5 minute hairstyles on hand will make life so much easier!

Below is my top 5 go-to quick hairstyles – especially during the week when I don’t have a lot of time to make it look fabulous!

Hairstyle 1 – Donut Bun

This one is super easy if you have one of those donuts that you can wrap your hair around and through, or alternatively, if you’ve got an hold sock lying around, you can use that to wind the hair around. Full details plus 9 other hairstyles can be found at BeautyRiot!

Hairstyle 2 – Messy Side Braid

This is probably one of my fave hairstyles. The messy side braid is easy to achieve! Just use some texturising spray or sea salt spray to give it a bit of texture and braid away! If you need a few more details plus 7 more 5 minute hairstyles, check out AllWomenStalk.com!

Hairstyle 3 – Half Up Pouf

This hairstyle is perfect for any length of hair – provided it’s at least chin length or longer 🙂 Spray in a bit of hairspray, secure a small section of hair to your crown (a clear elastic works best) and pull hair gently out to create a pouf. Alternatively, you can tease the hair, but that takes time! Full details plus 9 more hairstyles can be found at DailyMakeover.com.

Hairstyle 4 – Knotted Half Updo

I love this one, it’s so simple, you can even do it in your (parked) car! Grap a section of hair from the top (you can grab half your hair or just a small section, up to you!) and split it in two. Tie a knot with the two sections and then secure in place with a cute hairclip or some very grippy bobby pins! Voila – done! Full details here plus 4 more super quick hairstyles at LatestHairstyles.com.

Hairstyle 5 – Pin Backed Fringe

This works well if you are growing your fringe out and it’s driving you insane! You can do this any which way, just keep the the pin close to the front of your head to give you a bit of height! Get this hack plus 14 more at Brit.co.

There you go – 5 quick hairstyles to keep you going through the week! Let me know how you go with these and if you want more!

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